Pastebin update: Pygments

This past spring I posted about a simple pastebin app I wrote using Django. This week I updated it to use the excellent Pygments syntax-coloring library (formerly known as Pykleur).

Pygments has support for a healthy number of languages/syntaxes, offers a great deal of flexibility, ships with several different color schemes, and can produce output in HTML/CSS, LaTEX, or ANSI terminal colors. I created a “pcat” alias to take advantage of that last one when working in the shell.

It would have been trivial for the Pygments team to put together their own pastebin (in fact, that’s effectively what their demo is), but they were very helpful with a couple questions I had while rolling this out.

Update: As of a few days ago, the Pygments/Pocoo folks do now have their own pastebin, which shows off the full complement of language/syntax options (I only use a small subset because of my focus on Python

I added an “about” page to the site that explains some of the details. (I even included Ruby support!) That URL again:

Benoit commented on Sat Oct 21 13:04:21 2006:

Hi I create my own pastebin app using your old code with generic view. I create view, added rss é put pygments. You can view it here :

Code is available here :

Hope it could hel you :) And thanks to published your code :)

  • Benoît