TextMate command for paste.e-scribe.com

After seeing a similar offering from the Web 2.0 pastebin Attachr I couldn’t resist. So here’s a simple TextMate command that submits selected text to paste.e-scribe.com, opening the new URL in your default web browser. Bonus features: the filename is used as the title, and the language syntax is guessed from the file extension.

This is a very crude little script, but too much fun not to share. Download paste.tmCommand.zip and double-click the resulting .tmCommand file, that should be all there is to it.

Update: Slightly revised to avoid error when file extension is not recognized. Considering shebang-line sniffing too…

Jökull commented :

An updated version for dpaste.com for everyone’s convenience


Paul commented :

Thanks, Jökull. This gives me the opportunity to mention that I’ve got a simple dpaste API running now for such things, too: http://dpaste.com/api/v1/