BASIC Computer Games

BASIC Computer Games

In 1981, I was 13 years old and teaching myself BASIC on my TRS-80 Model III from official Radio Shack manuals – accurate, comprehensive, and terminally bland. Into that gray scene came the book Basic Computer Games: Microcomputer Edition (edited by David Ahl of Creative Computing magazine). It changed my life. I can’t remember now where it came from. Neither my parents, nor my friends, nor my teachers knew much about the home computer scene.

Salon turns 10

Ten years ago today was the public launch of Salon (as, not, but that’s another story). I can’t say that I’m surprised they have lasted, because their work has consistently been excellent. Through Salon’s connection to the Well I have gotten glimpses of how hard they have worked over the years, and I’m glad that it has continued to pay off in terms of editorial quality and reader respect, if not guaranteed solvency.

The Spolsky Book

I just got my copy of Joel Spolsky’s new anthology, “The Best Software Writing” (volume 1). I had read or heard of many of the pieces before, but it’s nice to have them in book form. Somebody has already done the work of digging up links to all (or nearly all) of the pieces as they originally appeared online.