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What is the iPhone running, really?

In case you missed it, Apple has a new product. You can’t, you know, buy it or anything just yet – that’ll be about six months. And $500, please. While you wait you can compare it to the competition. They claim that it runs OS X. Hm. I can imagine there’s a BSD kernel (running on what processor I don’t know), QuickTime, WebKit… but really, how much of the stuff in the standard OS X architecture diagram is actually going to be in that phone?

Goodbye, SCO

I haven’t been following the SCO case very closely, having only mentioned it once since I started this blog. So I missed this ass-kicking order that came down over the summer from Judge Brooke Wells. It’s long and detailed (GrokLaw speculates that this is to discourage SCO from a tedious appeal), so don’t be afraid to skim for the good parts. For example: The court finds SCOs arguments unpersuasive. SCOs arguments are akin to SCO telling IBM sorry we are not going to tell you what you did wrong because you already know.

Django development tips

Working on a couple Django projects in tandem has me tuning my approach to using the built-in development server. I thought I’d share some of the techniques I’m using. Here are the commands I’m going to talk about. If you understand it all from these lines, you’re done! screen -S projectname ./ runserver |& tee -a logs/devserver.log ^A ^D tail -f logs/devserver.log screen -r projectname screen -list Using screen screen -S projectname The GNU screen command is incredibly useful for all kinds of things, including longish-running processes that need to be checked and tweaked and stopped and started – like your Django development server.